Variety is the spice of life… submissive swapping perhaps?

My girlfriend Cathy and I had a long conversation last night.  Cathy has met my submissive, and a few months ago, decided that she wanted to meet one and eventually own one too.

I told Cathy I was thinking about and told my submissive that I wanted to own another.  But it seems as though my submissive is trying to put some conditions on my ownership of him and my use of him as my property.

But then Cathy said something to me that made me think of another idea.  We were discussing the male fantasy of experiencing slave auctions.  I have no intention of auctioning off my submissive to another .  But then the idea suddenly popped into my mind, and I told Cathy about what I was thinking about.  It definitely would solve the problem that I have now, which not having enough time on my hands to vet another submissive.

How about submissive swapping?  How about loaning my submissive to another dominant in return for them loaning me theirs?   When I mentioned this idea to Cathy, she seemed to like the idea, since she does not want to have a love relationship with the submissive she finds.  I guess two divorces have convinced her that being married again always leads to the same result.

So I had to ask her. Are you attracted to my submissive?  She admitted that she was.   Then I proposed an idea to her.  Lets just assume you find a submissive and you collar that submissive.  How about we swap our submissives once in a while. While I get to experience yours, you get to experience mine?  She liked that idea, as did I.

We also discussed boundaries on how the submissive could and would be used. I suggested that there be no boundaries. As long as I could use her submissive the way I want to , she could use mine the way she wanted to use mine, even it meant fucking each other’s submissives or having them serve us sexually , as well as non sexually.

What we eventually decided is that when and if she found a submissive and if the submissive were to become collared, we will indeed swap our submissives between the two of us.

That also got me to thinking.  I don’t know but a couple of other dominants, but I wonder if they would be willing to swap or loan out there submissives for my use as well, under the condition that I give my submissive on loan to them ?

I think I will explore that option, once I get to know some other dominant women.  Most likely, the vast majority will not like that idea, but all I have to do is find a few dominant women that think just like Cathy and I do.

Yes, variety is the spice of life, and  I think I am entitled to some additional spice in mine.

A delightful weekend

Wednesday evening :

What a delightful weekend.   Joseph arrived as he usually does. I gave him his protocol command.

“Show me your love and devotion Joseph”

I just sat there, and watched, as he removed his clothes, knelt naked at my feet and asked me for permission to kiss my feet.

“ Mistress, may I please be allowed to kiss your feet to show my love and devotion to serving you?”

I also ways say yes to my submissive, and he knows that, but he is still required to ask.

The fun was just beginning. For the next couple of hours, I had him sit naked next to me on the couch. I had selected some porn for both of to watch. Yes, I do enjoy porn, especially the erotic porn movies that I found written by women. I like to tease my cock during movie time. It adds to his frustration which I absolutely love to do. The wonderful thing about watching porn , is that he stays hard the entire time , even when I leave the room. Oh yes, after the movie was completed , I certainly did tell him that it was now time for him to please me. I always save the best for last. I do love oral sex from my submissive, and he most certainly has the skills required to make it a fantastic experience, seeing him on his knees removing my panties for me. Unfortunately for him, his inability to stay the evening , required him to be denied. Why would I allow him an orgasm without the pleasure of placing him into his cage for the evening? Of course there are consequences for everything. After I was pleased, he sat on the floor at my feet, and I handed him his chastity device. I don’t require him to wear it often , as it loses its effect if worn too often.   But I did require him to wear it before I told him he could leave and go home.



Thursday I spent with family doing the Thanksgiving holiday thing with family, but I do admit to thinking about how I would play with him again on Thursday evening, and how I would torment him. Same thing again, I required him to do his protocol, and removed the chastity device from my cock. Oh how quickly my cock rose to attention. But his suffering was only just beginning. I decided in advance that he would continue wearing a chastity device , another that I have in my possession, one that allows my cock to remain hard, but has straps that will always be a reminder of who owns him.

I just had to have him in his standup cage. Oh yes indeed, I do have two cages. One cage is where I put him for sleeping, one equipped with a pillow and a blanket that I keep on top of it at all times, just in case he gets chilly. I rarely lock his sleeping cage. I keep it unlocked , because I don’t want him to interrupt my sleep, but he does know the rules. If he gets up in the middle of the night to take a pee, he is also required to return to his cage for the rest of the evening.   I love looking down from my bed, seeing his naked submissive body sound asleep.

Ah, but that other cage. He does know that there is to be no sanctuary found in that cage, none whatsoever. I love to torment him while he is in that cage. There is nothing like putting a gag into his mouth , just to see the expressions on his face. Oh yes, and I love to bind his arms to each side of the cage and his legs as well. I just love that vulnerable look in his eyes, as I look at him, and see the desperation of his naked vulnerability. Oh yes, and then the tease, the relentless and non-stop teasing. I love to get naked slowly, when my slave is in his cage, and to see that passion in his eyes. I love to see that look in his eyes when I ask him questions while I am teasing him.

“ Are you looking at my breasts Joseph? I’ll bet you would love to be let out of your cage to worship these, would you not Joseph?” I love to see that passion , when he nods his head , and begins to close his eyes , in an attempts to shut out the excitement that he has seeing me naked.

“Do you want to worship my pussy slave? Do you want me to fuck my cock slave, because it is my cock slave, it and you belong to me slave. Do you not belong entirely to me , for my use and my enjoyment?”

Oh the joy of making my submissive suffer sexually. Whatever possessed me so , to take out my vibrators and my dildo’s to fuck myself and not him, to see that pleasure and lust in his eyes , as I denied him and not myself. I get to decide my pleasure, and I get to decide his.

Of course, he must have his chastity device put back on after I have had my share of him, and experienced all the orgasms I wanted to have while watching him suffer and lust over me. It just had to be , since the weekend was just beginning. Sorry Joseph, you will not be using your tongue to please of my cock to serve me, since I have already had mine . Not tonight my slave. Tired my slave? Time for you to take a rest in your cage now ? Want to go into your other cage now slave? Tired and exhausted from having the experience of my owning you? Oh yes, the nod of the head.

I don’t know what came over me, but I decided that the blanket would be placed over the cage, putting into darkness for the rest of the evening. He does need to rest. Oh yes, must put a bowl of water into the cage, he just might get thirsty now and then. Into the other cage my pet .


Friday, I let him out of the cage. It was time for my slave to serve breakfast and coffee to me in bed. You can put your clothes back on now slave, I have decided to go shopping by myself, and it occurred to me that you wanted mentioned that you wanted to be allowed to watch some sports on tv today. I will allow you this privilege, since you served me so well last night my pet. Put these clothes on slave, and have a day of rest, because you will certainly need to be well rested when we play again this evening, and I will be playing with you again my slave.

Yes my slave, I said to him in the evening, it is time again for you to show me your love and devotion to serving and obeying me.   Down again he went. But I decided that I wanted him to stay there but not just on his hands and his knees, but on all fours. “Would you like to be allowed to wear your knee pads this evening slave”

“Yes Mistress, may I please be allowed to wear my knee pads”

“ Of course you can my pet, of course you can”

“I have decided to take you for a walk slave, I need my bath prepared for me. It is time for your leash to fastened to the collar on your neck”

I do enjoy bath time with my slave, having him kneel beside the tub, but I decided to make it a long and restful bath. “ Yes slave, it is time for you to kneel now that you have prepared my bath for me. Don’t forget to hold the towel folded in your hands , and remember not to speak unless I speak to you first pet. “ Yes Mistress” I will hold the towel in my hands just as you instructed me to do Mistress”   Of course, the words for bath time are also a part of his protocol , words he was instructed to remember to say to me each and every time he knees beside the tub.

I love to get out of the tub , after having relaxed. “ Mistress , may I now be allowed to use the towel to dry your body off Mistress? Yes my pet, my slave, you may now dry the water that is dripping off of me to be removed, but remember that after this is done , you must get back on your hands and knees again, so I can walk you back to whichever cage I want to place you in, and after you have arrived at your destination, I will allow you to please me .

After he pleased me while on his knees, I told him that I had changed my mind . I have decided that you will sit at my feet and read a book to me that I have decided that I want read to me. You will do this as I manicure my toe nails. And after I have done this, you will fetch me a glass of wine, and bring it to me while using your serving tray. Is that understood Joseph?   I decided that he would read to me from his journal.

While I was sipping my wine , I then decided to put my foot on his cock and tease him with the bottom of my foot. Remain kneeling slave, and DO NOT spill the wine in the glass on the tray. You would not want me to punish you with a cold shower, now would you ?

“ No Mistress. I definitely don’t want to be punished Mistress’

Now fetch me the tv control pet. I have decided to watch some tv for a while, and I want you to serve me as my foot rest. Place yourself there Joseph. I need to make use of you as my footrest for a while.   If you grow tired of being on your hands and knees, I will allow you to take a rest, as long as you lie beneath me, but you have to ask for my permission first of course and you do know the words that you are required to say?   “ May I please be allowed to back into my resting cage Mistress? I have become weary and tired of serving you as your footrest Mistress”

Of course, I do allow him time to rest. Yes, you may return to your cage for 20 minutes, but if I am still sitting he watching tv , I expect you to return yourself to me and continue with your serve to me as my footrest. Is that understood pet? And when you return, make a stop in the kitchen and bring me a snack , since I want to be served a snack. If you are still tired when you return, I want you bring your sleeping cage into this room , because I want to see you resting. I may decide I want to take you out of the cage to provide me with another service.

“Yes Mistress” And so the evening went , until I decided that the night was ended, and both he and I would get some rest.


The next day started out the same. Decided to take my submissive shopping with me.

“ Do you remember the rules I have regarding my taking you shopping my pet? Repeat them to me first my pet”

I am not allowed to speak and I am not allowed to make any suggesting as to what you want to purchase. I am also not allowed to make eye contact with any other women or speak to any other woman, unless it is someone I already know Mistress”

“ Do you know that consequences for disobedience Joseph ?”

“Yes Mistress. You will require me to take a cold and unpleasant shower if I dare to disobey you Mistress”

“ Do you also know how you might be rewarded also my pet ?”

“ Yes Mistress, you may decide to have me service you using your cock to do so Mistress.”

“ And do you remember the rules that I have regarding sexual obedience ?”

Yes Mistress, you decide the sexual positions from which your cock get to service you Mistress and it is my responsibility to serve your cock to you in whatever position you want me in .

And do you remember all the sexual positions I required you to memorize?

And do you remember that you will begin servicing me when I allow you to begin , and you are not to stop servicing me until I allow you or tell you to stop ?

And do you remember which position required you to warm up my pussy with oral first Joseph , and which positions do not require you to orally serve me first ?

Yes Mistress, I remember the rules Mistress.

But something was bothering me. For some strange reason, I was not really in the mood to have my cock serve me. It was the appearance of my submissive that bothered me. It was a spur of the moment decision, something that had been bothering me for some time, and something that I wanted to change.

So while he was kneeling , I told him to stoke my cock until it came to attention. And then it all made sense. I wanted his cock to be shaved, and I wanted it to be done immediately.

So I ordered him to go to the shower and wait there for me. I looked into his eyes, took a razor out of the drawer and the shaving cream out of the closet, and told him exactly what I wanted him to do.

“ I want you to shave my cock and remove all of the hair obstructing my view. I want to see my balls hairless. Do it Joseph, and I will be watching you as you do it. So I told him to stroke my cock so that shaving my balls would not be an obstruction, and I watched him as he improved his appearance. When he stepped out of the shower, I took his balls into my hands, and I looked into his eyes, and told him exactly what I was thinking. “ I own these too Joseph. They also belong to me. Now kneel and kiss my feet and thank me for improving the appearance of my property, and tell me that I also own your balls to Joseph and keep my cock hard when you are telling me that .

Of course, I loved the new look, and I just had to see my balls and cock in another device that I own, so I told him to put the other device on my property. But for some strange reason, I wanted him to back into his cage, and I wanted to masturbate myself while watching him struggle again. But this time, I required him to stoke his cock and not cum in the cage, while I put made us of my dildo to experience the pleasure I wanted to have watching him suffer.   I am so happy that he learned how not to cum , by doing the tantra breathing that I taught him how to do. But he was so close to having an accident, so I told him that he should only stroke my cock once every three minutes or so. The amazing thing about watch him suffer, is the pleasure and excitement I get out of it. His face becomes so twisted and I love the way he moans while trying to hold back from having a release. I love the sounds that he makes and I love that orgasmic neediness that he has when he is trying so hard not to cum. I almost allowed him to orgasm, but I knew that it would spoil all of the fun I was having with him.   Well , back into the other cage he went. I put the cover over his cage, and told him that he needed to take a very long rest, just in case I decided to take him out later to play with him again. But I got tired myself , and didn’t .


Well on Sunday, he prepared me my breakfast as usual, and told him to go to the bakery. Most of the morning we both spent relaxing. He spent a lot of the time reading on the internet, and adjusting his fantasy football teams.   In the afternoon, he asked me if he could have permission to watch some basketball, which is his favorite sport to watch, so I allowed him to do that while I occupied myself doing some reading myself. But when the evening came around, I just had to fuck him. He was hard almost the entire day, and on occasion I would sit next to him , touch him between his legs and ask him who owned him.

When the evening rolled around, I found him sitting on the couch, watching tv, so I sat down beside him. I told him that I wanted his fingers placed into my pussy. I want you to remove my panties Joseph, and told him to get down on his knees in order to do it for me. Then I told him that I wanted my cock to serve me, and I told him to go the bedroom and wait for me there, and I wanted to find him stroking my cock and making it hard for me.

Oh yes, I wanted him to serve me from behind, so I told him that I would be on my hands and knees on the bed , and that he should position himself behind me, which he did . But he remembered the rules about doing it doggy style, which requires him to warm my pussy for five minutes and then not to stop and begin to fuck before I tell him. Do it now Joseph, serve me My cock Joseph . I want it Joseph and I want it now.   Oh , how I love my rule that he is not allowed to stop fucking me until I allow him to do so, regardless of whether or not he has an orgasm. Unlike other times, I only wanted him to service me once, so I told him that he would not be required to keep stroking my cock after I had had my orgasms. So we just lied in my bed together, until later in the evening . Unfortunately , my submissive lives by himself as I do . So I told him that he could put his clothes back on , and I told him that he now could go home, alone and without me, until I needed him to serve and obey me again.

Last but not least, I told him that I wanted him to kiss my feet before he left , and I required him to thank me for allowing him to serve and obey me. And I sent him off with a kiss , a kiss and a hug well deserved.

What a great weekend.

His service, his obedience , and kink in our lives are all on my menu

It is true. I require my submissive to maintain a journal .   It has become a treasure trove of information about the submissive man that I own, the man that is subservient to me.

As amazing as this may seem, I have learned a lot about dominating him and his passion for being obedient .  Now that I have that intimate knowledge about him, I can see the kind of submissive that he is and can be .

My submissive told me early on in our relationship, that his submission would open up many doors and possibilities to me as his owner. How true his words were and have proven to be.

His submission is so deeply imbedded inside of him, that it made sense to him that I should be the one deciding the kink in our lives.  What a delightful idea, that I should be the one making the decision , even regarding the kink level our experience , and not just the D/s level.

I can feel his energy and his passion . I can feel and experience how vulnerable he is to his own desire to serve me and obey me.

Many doors have been opened, and I need to decide is which door I will open, and what experiences I want to have with him.  Yes, there are so many kinky experience I get to choose from, but which one will it be next.  So many delicious choices to make my selection from .

Sexual obedience. Sensual obedience .  Using him as my furniture . Putting him into a cage. Place all different kinds of restraints on his body.  Using him as my household servant, or using him in any other number of ways.

Yes indeed.   A list of kinks I can choose from, those that I want to explore with him, those that I might not want to choose to explore with him, and of course , the ones that I will take off my menu of kink lists since I simply don’t want to experience those .

What an interesting concept he told me about a year ago, that I should view myself as the owner of the restaurant , and he should be viewed as simply the cook or the waiter.  As the owner of the restaurant, which included the kinks and the service, he gets to suggest what might be on the menu, but I get to decide what is actually on the menu .

Yes, I am the owner of my submissive, and the way that he serves me is part of my menu, and the kink that I decide to experience with him is also a part of my menu as the owner of him and his submissive nature.






Punishment and rewards ?

My submissive now knows what punishment can be.  I have decided that his punishment will always be something that I enjoy sadistically and something that he will not enjoy.

Hm.  Watching my submissive shiver in a cold shower, and watching my owned property between his legs shrink.

Yes, I love to see Joseph shiver ,and punishing him a way that he does not enjoy it appeals to my Sadistic nature.

Oh, and not allowing him what he wants.

Mistress, may I am be allowed to watch a basketball game tonight?

No Joseph, you are not allowed.  You were not prompt when I required your obedience, and I have decided not to allow you that privilege.

I just love to see Joseph kneeling at my feet, asking for my permission to be allowed to have what he wants, wants that I can allow him to have or deny that he have.

Mistress , may I be allowed to kiss your feet?

Yes Joseph, I am allowing you to kiss my feet since you have been so obedient to me today and because you served me will.

Mistress , is there another way that I can be of service ?   I always require Joseph to say this to me on Saturday mornings , which is when Joseph is required to his household chores, the chores I have decided that he needs to do for me as a service to me as his owner.

Yes , Joseph, but because you forgot to leave my slippers on the side of my bed, you will now be required to scrub the kitchen floor on your hands and knees, and I will inspect the quality after you have completed what I am requiring you to do FOR ME, and after you have completed doing this for me , you are again required to kneel at my feet and ask me if there is anything else you can do to serve me.

His reward of course, the satisfaction that he gets from knowing that he has served me .   Nothing else of course, just his own satisfaction of knowing that he has served me , obeyed me , and ultimately pleased me.

I love to put him into that special place, the place where he needs to be ,  kneeling before me and asking me how he can serve me .





Always- you will always be my slave Joseph


These are my expectations.

Total obedience

Excellent service

You are the love of my life, and I will take care of you and your cravings.

You always belong to me Joseph. Always!

I have decided to begin my own journal , regarding your training and your progress.

I will post in my journal from time to time, and I expect you to read my journal .

From time to time, I will task you to write about certain subjects and I will require you to discuss certain topics of interest to me.

I expect you to answer any and all questions asked of you to be answered truthfully, and to the best of your ability.

I love you Joseph.

I love you for the service that you provide for me.

I love you for the obedience that you give to me.

I love you for being all that you are Joseph, and all I that I ever wanted from a man, a man just like you Joseph.